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“Whether you’re an experienced caterer or just getting started, a restaurant owner or a personal chef, Catering Toolbox has the tools and information you’ll need to succeed in the challenging field of catering!”

Doug Biggs
Owner, DJ’s California Catering (20+ years)
Founder and CEO, Catering Toolbox

Do you dream of owning a multi-million dollar
catering business?

If so, your dream is within reach.

Here’s an excellent bit of FREE business advice. If you take away nothing else from this web site, this one simple idea could forever change the course of your business–and your life! Ready for it?

“Success Leaves Clues”

That’s it. It sounds simple, but it’s actually quite profound.

The secret to success is to find someone who has already done what you’re trying to accomplish, and follow in their footsteps.

The fastest way to learn a craft like catering is to study a seasoned professional who has invested decades of his life and made hundreds of mistakes, and through that experience has discovered the most efficient and profitable “recipe” for success.

Do you ever feel like you just don’t know where to begin when it comes to starting or growing your catering business?

Well, let’s change that…

We know that you don’t have enough hours in the day, so this program provides you with proven resources that will help you start and grow a highly profitable catering business in very little time.

“Catering Toolbox is an absolute must for anyone just getting started in the business, and also those that are already in the business!”

New to Catering?

Learn how to…

  • Get started with very little money or experience using idiot-proof, step-by-step instructions.
  • Set competitive prices and write profitable proposals.
  • Land your first customers using proven marketing and sales strategies that really work.
  • Prepare, cook, and serve like a professional caterer with years of experience.

Already a Caterer?

Learn how to…

  • Manage multiple, large events running simultaneously.
  • Optimize your systems and staff for maximum profits.
  • Grow your catering business into a multi-million dollar operation.
  • Take a vacation without your business imploding!

As a member of Catering Toolbox, you’ll have access to the following:

HD Video Library

6 Steps to Starting and Growing a Profitable Catering Business

The core of Catering Toolbox is over two hours worth of professional catering videos (and growing!) developed by experts with over 30 years of catering industry experience.

Why videos???

“You’ll learn faster, retain more information, and stay focused longer while watching a professional caterer versus simply reading about catering in a book.”

Our HD Catering Video Library includes all of this and more:

And the library keeps growing, with new content added every month!

“I am in college majoring in Culinary Arts, planning on being a caterer. I think Catering Toolbox is very informative and useful.”

“Our goal was to become the catering industry’s ULTIMATE collection of HD Catering Videos and resources for both experienced and new caterers.”

If you’ve searched YouTube and Google for high-quality catering videos, you already know there’s hardly anything out there.

That’s because teaching people how to cater is both an art and a science, and few people have both the catering experience–and the training resources–to do it right.


Go “behind the scenes” with the owner of a multi-million dollar catering operation.

  • Come along as we prepare, transport, and cater actual events.
  • Take a look inside our kitchen and delivery trucks and see the specific tools and supplies we use.
  • Copy the cooking techniques and killer recipes we’ve refined and used hundreds of times, that turn into instant referrals and keep clients coming back year after year.

Swipe our entire “playbook” of proposal templates, pricing guides, kitchen designs, and other trade secrets.

  • These resources have earned literally millions of dollars worth of business over two decades, and you can download and use them yourself to save time and avoid making costly mistakes.
  • We’ll even include step-by-step video training on how to best utilize these resources.
  • If it works, it’s inside Catering Toolbox!

Learn how to diversify your business for stability and bigger profits!

Why put all your eggs in one basket? Unlike other trainings that focus on only one aspect of the catering industry, our faculty has a wide breadth of experience, including:

  • wedding catering
  • holiday & event catering
  • corporate drop-off catering
  • buffet & seated service catering
  • event rentals
  • bar service
  • emergency catering services
  • and more!

“As an aspiring caterer the content you have here is absolutely helpful. Looking forward to more videos and tips.”

Still not sure if Catering Toolbox is for you? Keep reading…

About The Founders

Catering Toolbox Founders The idea for Catering Toolbox started in 2012 as a collaborative effort between Doug Biggs, a 30-year catering industry veteran, and Tony Pinto, an expert in online training and communities.

Doug and Tony realized there weren’t many high quality catering videos available online or on DVD, so they created a few “pilot” episodes and uploaded them to YouTube. The response was overwhelming!

There were working caterers, restaurant owners, personal chefs, and aspiring caterers from around the world asking for more. Doug and Tony knew there was an entire library of content and resources they could produce to help these people, including instructional videos, templates, sales scripts, and more. So that’s what they set out to do.

They’ve been busy shooting videos and developing tools ever since, and they’ve created what some have called, “the catering industry’s ULTIMATE training resource and online community.” And they are committed to growing these tools and resources for years to come.

“Don’t take our word for it! Listen to what our members from around the world have to say about Catering Toolbox!

“The templates are very helpful to see how the pros do it in the industry instead of trying to figure out the hard way. Overall I love the website.”
John H.


“Being able to meet and share experiences with other caterers is a rare treat. Catering Toolbox not only shows us (caterers) the right way to do things, but it brings us together as well. Keep up the great work!”
Jennifer W.
“I think the videos are outstanding. The quality and the information was second to none in the field. I’ve not found a resource like Catering Toolbox anywhere on the web, and the few books available leave a lot unexplained.”
Byron H.


“The site is unique and will probably be viewed by many entering the catering business. The information has already helped me tremendously.”
Ed M.
“Doug is an angel and knows exactly what it takes to improve in catering. I respect him very much.”
Rita W.


“I’m already in the food industry so everything was so clear to me when you share your experience. I’m from the Caribbean but the knowledge on how to handle these matters are the same no matter where you are. I’m looking forward to learning more! Thank you very much!”
Vienchy R.

Your membership includes all of this and more:

  • HD Catering Video Library (Constantly Growing!)
  • Our “Playbook” of Proposal Templates, Pricing Guides, Kitchen Designs, and Other Trade Secrets
  • Unlimited catering questions (submitted via email and answered via email or video)

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